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Meet Rick Rule and Dr. Marc Faber At The New Orleans Investment Conference

   (Photo: Brien Lundin, CEO, New Orleans Investment Conference)

When he planned the speaker roster for the 2014 New Orleans Investment Conference, CEO Brien Lundin chose a gold-centric theme, featuring a guest appearance by Dr. Alan Greenspan.

For this month’s 2015 New Orleans Investment Conference, Brien instead chose individuals with a track record of success in natural resource investing.

When asked why the shift toward natural resources, Brien noted that it’s simply the right time. “[There is] little remaining downside risk and extraordinary upside…[So] I decided to focus on [resource] experts who can [offer] the best strategies...and investments in the sector.”

Among keynote speakers featured for this year’s show are Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings, and Dr. Marc Faber, director of Sprott Inc.

“These are the people who have done it before,” Brien added. “They’ve led…our attendees to multi-bagger picks at previous resource sector bottoms…you get the chance to listen to them and engage them outside of their presentations. It’s just a tremendously valuable opportunity.”

Here are Brien Lundin’s full interview comments:

Henry Bonner: What’s been your biggest motivation for putting on the New Orleans conference?

Brien Lundin: As you know, the New Orleans Conference was begun by Jim Blanchard in 1974, after he was instrumental in getting gold ownership once again legalized for U.S. citizens. So he decided to hold a conference to educate investors on the gold market.

That first event was a huge success, so it just kept going and going. Over the years, some of the most celebrated figures of modern history have graced our stage, from Ayn Rand (in her final public appearance) to Lady Margaret Thatcher to Barry Goldwater to Alan Greenspan to Nobel laureates Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek and many more.

After Jim passed away in 1999, I ran the conference for a few years, eventually buying it from his estate. It’s become such a tradition and such a foundation for the entire “hard money” libertarian community, that it seems unthinkable to not keep this grand event going.

More directly, my motivation in continuing is the attendees each year who flood me with thanks for putting it on. It truly is a labor of love for everyone involved in producing the event, and the heartfelt gratitude from hundreds of attendees makes it all worth it.

HB: What still attracts people to come to the event?

BL: Let’s face it -- you can hear from many of the titans of industry and investing every day on CNBC and other major media. But what you get are their sterilized views for the masses. In New Orleans, you’ll get what they really think. And if they try to get away with some politically correct pabulum, they’ll get called on it by our MCs and audience.

But more than that, attendees get the chance to meet these world-renowned experts. I obviously can’t promise unlimited access, but it’s very common for attendees to mingle with our big-name speakers in the hallways and our many social events.

And our speaker roster also includes many speakers that you won’t find in the media — some of the top experts in metals and mining shares, for example, who are eager to share their best strategies and picks. In fact, many of our speakers save their top picks to reveal in New Orleans.

And finally, many of our attendees come year after year for the camaraderie of their fellow investors. Just by deciding to attend the New Orleans Conference, an investor identifies himself or herself as someone who is smart, information-hungry and charts their own path. These are some of the most successful and insightful investors to be found anywhere.

HB: Why do you think that former Fed Chairman Allan Greenspan chose to attend last year’s event?

BL: Quite frankly, because I wrote him a very large check! Now, beyond that, Dr. Greenspan has a long history with our event, and used to present at it years ago well before his appointment as Fed Chairman. Many forget, but he was one of the most eloquent and radical advocates for gold in the 1960s.

Dr. Greenspan was also quite friendly with Jim Blanchard, and they avidly read each other’s views.

Dr. Greenspan once told Jim, after reading his work, that he felt his writings on gold were the best pieces he’d ever written. That was in the ’60s, long before Dr. Greenspan became ensconced in central banking bureaucracy.

So, Dr. Greenspan was quite familiar with Gold Newsletter and the New Orleans Conference, and held a degree of affection and admiration for both.

But the big check went a long way, too.

HB: Do you expect other big-name speakers this year?

BL: Absolutely. In fact, we’ve signed up one of the finest rosters of speakers, from top to bottom, in our four-decade history. We have the geopolitical angle well covered, as usual, with a couple of today’s most insightful commentators in Mark Steyn and Charles Krauthammer.

But because of today’s remarkable opportunity in metals and mining — with relatively little remaining downside risk and extraordinary upside potential — I decided to focus on experts who can guide attendees to the best strategies and specific investments in the sector.

Headlined by none other than Rick Rule, the faculty features Doug Kass, Dr. Marc Faber, Dennis Gartman, James Rickards, Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, Brent Cook, Adrian Day, Frank Holmes, Marin Katusa, David Morgan, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, Mark Skousen, Eric Coffin, Byron King, Tommy Humphreys, Sean Brodrick, Gwen Preston, Ian McAvity, Nick Hodge, Mickey Fulp and more, including yours truly.

There’s really nothing else like this event, and this faculty, to be found anywhere else.

HB: Why do you think it’s worthwhile for investors to join us in New Orleans?

BL: Well, first off, the speakers I just listed. Outside of a couple of very promising newcomers to the sector, these are the people who have done it before. They’ve led their readers and our attendees to multi-bagger picks at previous resource sector bottoms.

Yes, a rising tide lifts all boats. But in the next upturn, there’s a huge difference between a stock that doubles along with the rest of the market, and the 10- and 20-baggers that have characterized the leaders in previous bull runs.

In New Orleans, these proven experts provide their very best ideas and picks. And you get the chance to listen to them, and engage them outside of their presentations. It’s just a tremendously valuable opportunity.

And, again, the attendees themselves are a fountain of experience and insights.

HB: Do you think that more people will become interested in gold if market volatility holds up?

BL: I think we’re already seeing that. There’s a prevailing fear that the Fed’s reluctance to raise rates even 0.25% indicates that they know something we don’t. And that “something” doesn’t bode well for the U.S. economy or financial assets.

Now, Chair Yellen just delivered a speech where she tried to buck up confidence again, and in which she again predicted a rate hike before the end of the year. But they’ve done that before, and yet they always pull themselves back at the last moment. And, given the stunningly bad employment numbers for September, their next move might actually be to lower rates.

Despite the volatility, the future for the U.S. and global economic outlook is essentially binary: either the weakness in China and emerging markets brings the U.S. down as well, prompting additional, extraordinary easing from the Fed; or slow-but-steady economic growth in the U.S. allows the Fed to finally begin raising rates.

Either way, I think gold benefits. Even in the latter case, a Fed rate hike will remove the monkey that has ridden on gold’s back for three years now. I think that will prompt pretty substantial short covering in gold — a “sell the news” event that will release the pressure that has been holding gold down.

HB: What insights have you seen at your conference in years past that have played out?

BL: Not just recently, but over the 30 years that I’ve been personally involved in the New Orleans Conference, I’ve seen every major issue — whether geopolitical, economic or market related — predicted in advance by our speakers.

More recently, our speakers predicted the 2008 real estate crash and financial crisis, as well as the massive monetary reflation efforts by the Fed and other central banks that followed.

And while admitting that no one can predict the precise timing of a turn-around, our presenters are ringing the bell at today’s historic, long-term bottom in metals and resource stocks.

HB: How can we find out more about the conference?

BL: Very simply, all the details on our speakers, agenda and timing can be found by clicking here. As an aside, this year’s event is being held from October 28-31, ending on Halloween. Many people know that Halloween in New Orleans’ French Quarter is a bucket-list kind of event, so there’s a lot of excitement about this year’s conference.

Importantly, Sprott’s Thoughts readers can save up to $400 from the on-site registration fee (normally $959), and get our Gold Club upgrade at no additional charge, by clicking on that link. (When they register, they’ll need to enter the promotional code FREEGOLDCLUB to claim their no-charge upgrade.)

Alternatively, they can simply call us toll free at 800-648-8411 and mention Sprott’s Thoughts to claim all of these benefits.

HB: Brien, thanks for sharing your comments with us.

BL: My pleasure.



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